Intern Spotlights

Each year, INVISON seeks out the best of the best student interns and gives them an opportunity to gain first-hand, direct experience in the exciting profession of architecture.

We’re proud of the work they do, the lessons they learn and, often times, the careers they start right here with INVISION. The success of these students is what gives INVISION the honor of receiving the AIA Central States Emerging Professional Friendly Firm award.


Read the stories of student interns and their journey as young professionals.

ZACH DETTERMAN Zach’s fascination with architecture brought him to INVISION. He’s been able to work on a variety of projects enhancing his skills.

LEXIS RURODEN Lexis found collaboration at INVISION to be one of the keys to her personal development by helping her be more comfortable with asking questions.

HENRY MELENDREZ With a passion for drawing, Henry found the architecture program at Iowa State University and his internship at INVISION to be the perfect combination to develop his skills.

TREVOR TOY Trevor learned about INVISION from a few of his friends who had previously interned with us. He found he enjoyed the experience just as much as they did.

BRADY WHITEHILL University of Kansas student whose experiencing the support side of the firm.

Sara Hahn South Dakota State University student studying interior design.

Addison Payne University of Iowa grad expanding on his undergrad education in graphic design.