David Reid achieved a goal he has held since signing up for a degree in architecture in 2007: he has become a licensed architect. In the four and a half years since graduating, he has balanced work, life and studying, which is a challenge when office deadlines seem to always line up with a scheduled exam.

David shared that he would have always felt a bit unfinished or incomplete if he hadn’t gotten his license. The arduousness of the Architecture Experience Program (AXP) and the exam process underscores the seriousness of the profession, and the many impacts that an architect’s decisions can have, both positive and negative. The in-depth process includes 3,740 hours of practical experience and exams in seven different areas, including site planning and design as well as project development and documentation.

Celebrations of David’s achievement will include a pending pub crawl and a planned trip to Europe. He is also looking forward to resuming hobbies that fell by the wayside during his studies, including playing music and running. He is also excited to share with family members that he is simply an architect, rather than an intern architect or project coordinator. Congratulations, David!