Wondering how modern technology will be integrated into building design? How do trends in health and wellness affect the way people interact with your space? How can Lean building design processes and methods improve workflows? How does the spectrum of disciplines come together effectively?

We’re here for you. Architecture is more than designing buildings. Equally important is our role as a collaborative leader of an integrated team of specialists chosen for your specific needs.

We work with you to assemble and lead a unique, multidisciplinary team custom built for your project. Collaboration and creative thinking are critical to the team’s ability to review factors that may impact the project, identify potential challenges and help prevent unexpected issues. We lead the team to achieve consensus in these innovative ideas in order to deliver synchronized and comprehensive planning and design solutions. Throughout the process, INVISION remains your single point of contact for effective project communication and management of the inherent risks associated with building design.

One may find it intentionally “messy,” but it’s everyone’s unique perspectives that contribute to the bigger picture and pave the road to your successful and well-planned solutions. Ultimately, that’s what it is all about.