INVISION, joined by Phillip Boothby and Luke Leyden from Capital Management for the University of Iowa Hospital & Clinics (UIHC), recently gave a presentation at the Healthcare Facilities Symposium and Expo in Austin, Texas. Our team presented a UIHC Outpatient Specialty Clinic as a successful example of how emerging trends influence clinic design.

We explained how identifying and implementing emerging trends in healthcare can create adaptable design solutions and quality patient experiences. Tight capital, disjointed services, and crowded hospital campuses combined with the desire to improve patient access in a retail environment are common themes heard in the healthcare industry.

Moving outpatient services off campus

Increasingly, hospital systems are moving outpatient procedures and specialties off their main campuses to alleviate congestion and free up their core facility. Providing aligned services in a strategic, convenient and accessible location meets their patients’ needs and allows for a continuation of care beyond initials visits. Combining like specialties in innovative and coordinated clinics improves the patient experience and bolsters brand loyalty. More health systems are turning to developer-led clinic models, shifting the burdens of design and construction off their balance sheets and expediting the speed to market of these localized ambulatory developments.

This UIHC Outpatient Specialty Clinic will house three service lines — all designed to support patients from conception to sustained care for their families. These trends can come together through modern high-quality designs to develop positive outcomes for both patients and health systems.