See how Addison is boosting his undergrad education with an experience in graphic design.

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Q: How did you discover the Graphic Design profession and why did you decide to study Graphic Design?

A: I have always been a visually inclined person, and growing up, I loved to draw, paint, print, etc. Graphic design lets me indulge my visual interests, while simultaneously finding elegant solutions to communicating.


Q: How did you learn about INVISION and the internship opportunities available?

A: A close family member has worked for INVISION for most of my life and I have always been impressed by the employee culture and passion that exists here. Plus, having spent most of my life in the Cedar Valley and surrounding area, it’s hard to ignore the impact that INVISION has had on the landscape. You can’t venture too far from a building that INVISION designed around here, and it was a great opportunity to work somewhere that has such a presence in my area.


Q: What type of work and projects did you experience in your summer internship?

A: INVISION is working on creating an updated brand for itself to better connect with its community and stay up to date with changing tastes and trends. I’ve been helping to implement this new look on a variety of materials in order to insure that INVISION conveys a clear and consistent visual message. I’ve also been working with other media used to connect to the community such as their website and social media presence.


Q: What type of personal development opportunities did you experience during your summer internship?

A: I’ve learned a lot about the specifics of how designers produce work in a variety of situations. Often limitations arise in ways that do not occur in school, and it’s fascinating to see how these criteria can shape and guide the final product.


Q: How do you feel your internship compared to experiences you heard your peers talk about?

A: At INVISION, I felt like I was actually working on projects that were of real benefit to the organization. People here took my work seriously and I felt like I was making actual contributions despite my lack of experience. Judging from the experiences of my peers, this is unfortunately an uncommon quality for internships, especially at the undergraduate level.


Q: What was your favorite thing about your summer internship?

A: For me, the best part of this experience has been the variety of tasks I was able to work on. Being exposed to a range of avenues for design work helped me gain a grasp on the field itself rather than just one aspect of it. It was also nice to do graphic design for a firm that does not primarily offer that service. It helped me see how design fits into spaces other than its own.


Q: What surprised you the most about your internship experience?

A: I was struck by the enthusiasm that everybody has for their work. I was very glad to be working with people who are not only serious about what they do, but passionate as well.


Q: What advice would you give to architecture students looking for an internship?

A: Keep an open mind. If you only work in a way that seems like a good idea before you start, you’re just turning your back on learning something new.