How did you discover the architecture / interior design profession and why did you decide to study architecture?

I discovered architecture through career fairs at my high school, as well as through after school design-like clubsI loved to draw and knowing there was a profession that allowed me to do that and design buildings at the same time sounded really fun.. With Iowa State having an architecture program and being so close to me, I knew it was the career path that I wanted to try out and have really enjoyed it so far.

How did you learn about INVISION and the internship opportunities available?

I have a friend who interned with INVISION, and they enjoyed their experience and recommended I apply. I also talked with some staff at the Iowa State’s Career Fair.  They were really nice people who showed enthusiasm about being there. I took a chance talking with them and was luckily hired.

What type of work and projects did you experience in your summer internship?

My summer internship consisted of master planning, creating Revit and SketchUp models, construction detailing and assisting with renders.

What type of personal development opportunities did you experience during your summer internship?

This summer was a learning experience for everyone, not just me. With COVID precautions, we had to adjust to work in new environments and learn to deal with unusual circumstances. I feel as though my personal development this summer came from having to be more patient and understanding..

What was your favorite thing about your summer internship?

My favorite thing was being able to socialize amidst a global pandemic, such as our virtual retreat this summer. Being able to come to the office on Fridays and have co-workers’ dogs in the office was also a good time.

What stood out to you the most about your internship experience?

The people. INVISION  staff are very friendly. Everyone is alwayswilling to go out of their way to help you understand. The diversity in projects was something I really liked too. I could go from working on an elementary school project to a soccer field addition in one week and found that to be fun.