Eight runners, one driver, 10 hours and 10 minutes, 75 miles in west-central Iowa and an unforgettable day of team building.

Congrats to Team INVISION on completing another Market to Market Relay Iowa event, where over 2,000 people on 350 teams race on a course of trails, streets and gravel from Jefferson to Des Moines, Iowa.

David Reid ran his first leg with under 7-min mile splits. Nathan Scott ran two of the hardest legs of the race. Mark Nevenhoven went above and beyond with an optional 3rd leg. Samantha Henke improved both prior year times. Brett Van Zee ran in the rain. Nic Forbes put in 7:30 splits as a warm up for a half marathon he ran the following weekend. Amber Baker went from team driver in 2015 to runner in 2016. Justin Bailey finished strong as the team anchor. Nathan Kurtz showed off his lightning bolt sideburns. And Mike Dean, the official team van driver, only had to turn around once.

“It was a great day,” Nic said. “Everyone ran really well with no injuries. We had some lightning and even lightning bolt facial hair. All in all, it was a success!”