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City of Cedar Falls Public Safety Facility
Cedar Falls, IA

The City of Cedar Falls desired to consolidate police and fire operations into one facility to enhance public safety operations. INVISION was selected to perform a space needs assessment, site analysis of multiple sites, master planning of their public safety departments, and the subsequent renovation and addition.

The design combines all factions of the public safety department into a cohesive facility with a shared public lobby. This facility includes all the typical spaces utilized by law enforcement and fire departments but organized with a strategy to promote efficiency and multipurpose under the umbrella of Public Safety. The design team looked for opportunities to overlap parts of the program that both police and fire could share while maintaining the individual requirements for each operation. Some of these shared spaces include administrative and supervisory offices, conference and training rooms, investigative and interview rooms, records storage, property and evidence storage, physical agility space, and kitchen and living quarters. Visibility to and from staff into most spaces was key to promote connectedness and cohesion to differing functions of now one combined city department.

Visual Connection
60%+ of spaces have an opening other than a door
Reduce, Reuse
New construction is an addition to a former fire station
Emergency Command
Facility designed for disaster control headquarters
Project Architect
Tim Turnis

To achieve leanness, the design team flushed out the program several times with the users trimming excess parts of the program while balancing their needs with the budget. There will not be a part of this program that isn’t utilized in some fashion when this facility opens.

The design team consolidated the program from two directions, physically and visually. The reason for this is although administration, police, and fire will be under the same roof, each user group functions under specific procedures and security requirements associated with the spaces they work in. Knowing that, to achieve physical overlap, the team looked for pieces of program that could become part of main circulation paths like the Kitchen/Dayroom and Gym to bring all three users together during their day-to-day business. Visual overlap was achieved with glass partitions that visually connect police programs and fire programs to the main staff corridor along the east end of the facility.

TEAM MEMBERS: Tim TurnisCody MillsJeffrey Oltmann, Kindra Christensen, Brad Leeper, Becca Baum

We had a great experience working with INVISION Architects during the design of our Public Safety Building. They offered great advice and clearly had the experience to ensure we made the right decisions along the way. We will be breaking ground this spring and are excited about their continued support through project completion.
- Jeff Olson Cedar Falls Public Safety Director/Police Chief - City of Cedar Falls
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