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Great River Medical Center Orthopedic Center for Excellence
West Burlington, IA

Designers were tasked with promoting better synergy between the rehabilitation and orthopedic clinics, as well as improving the front door appeal. Despite a challenging site placement, the team created new and relocated space for this client’s first-rate Center for Excellence. Featured in this space was the new fitness gym, an accommodation for patients and community members alike.

Sq. ft. of glass surface
Jason DeVries

Extensive use of glass created an impressive design from the outside in.

In this project, we incorporated a lot of glass and windows to create a very open environment with natural daylight. Translucent glazing was placed at the end of each corridor allowing for natural daylight infiltration without impinging on patient privacy. A continuous clerestory window down the clinic’s core allows for daylight harvesting that assists with patient wayfinding. In the fitness gym, we used expansive glazing for more natural daylighting and clear views from the exterior into the dynamic two-story space at night. Additionally, a large entry volume and canopy created a new inviting entry for guests. The new and relocated clinics now feature: exam, procedure, cast and x-ray rooms, future MRI and support staff rooms, pool and locker facilities, elevated three-lane running track, two and a half story climbing wall.

Other team members: Eric Ritland and Dan Schwers

With INVISION’s help, we’ve created a destination for staying healthy, not just getting better.
- Mark Richardson President and CEO
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