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Henry County Health Center
Mt. Pleasant, IA


The new addition houses inpatient and outpatient surgery while renovations allowed for expansion and relocation of other departments with access and security in mind.


Lab tests per day
Women’s Center patients served in one year
Age of previous surgery department
30 years

Together, we assessed the facility and identified several critical needs.

The surgery department was the highest priority and first step with a new addition. We positioned the patient areas near exterior walls to allow for natural daylighting and outdoor views. Inboard areas provide state-of-the-art surgery rooms and support spaces. The second step was utilizing the vacated space for expansion and relocation of other departments. Public functions remain near the main entry, while inpatient services now reside on off-stage corridors and the second floor for better security.

Other team members: Tonia Householder, Mark Schmidt, Eric Ritland and Dan Schwers

The review was detailed as they met with all of the key stakeholders to gain their perspectives as well as to create a patient centric approach to the plan.
- Robb Gardner CEO
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