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Highland Elementary School
Waterloo, IA

Based on a comprehensive needs assessment, construction of this new school provided the opportunity to create modern, effective learning environments for students in a building that is designed to last and adapt.

Tiny classroom seats
Sustainable rebates
Multipurpose spaces
Partner, Architect
Brad Leeper

The challenge set before us was to be good stewards of District resources through creative consolidation of a wide variety of programs while providing progressive teaching and learning facilities for the community.

Originally designed as a junior high the existing elementary school was repurposed to bring together a variety of district wide programming into one location for efficiency and collaboration. Studio classrooms surround a shared central collaborative learning space for individual and collaborative learning outside the traditional learning environment. Strategic decisions to naturally daylight spaces, provide high efficiency lighting and geothermal heat pump system minimize long term costs for the community.

The design provides for effective small learning communities within a large student body.
- Kate Payne Managing Architect
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