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Hudson Community School District Master Plan and Renovations
Hudson, IA

This campus had evolved throughout the years with multiple additions which led to a disjointed, challenging area.

One of the first projects for this re-imagination of the campus includes a new multipurpose academic commons area. This space will be used for dining, group collaboration and after hours events. It also includes a media center. To help alleviate confusion when arriving on campus, the design team felt it was important to create an identifiable public main entrance. The new entrance included security features as well as a centralized administrative suite.

The addition and renovation will give new life to an important community asset.

Enrollment of students Pre-K-5
543 in 2019
SF of new addition construction
Type of facade
Smooth face limestone panels with rock face accent bands
Interior Designer
Kindra Christensen

Our design team was challenged to create a notable main entrance not only for students, staff and visitors arriving during the school day, but also for visitors coming to after-hour activities held in the K-12 competition gym located within the Elementary school.  The administrative department will now be located adjacent to the main entry, which will provide a convenient and secure entry experience for visitors throughout the school day.  In conjunction to the main entry is the commons area and media center, which have both been expanded to allow for the growth in enrollment that the district foresees in the future.  These areas will also serve as overflow for the after-hours activities, so the design team was challenged to make sure the design and finishes were appropriate for the elementary students, as well as the general public using these spaces.  A significant amount of daylight and visibility to the exterior will now be experienced which is an exciting feature for the school.
TEAM MEMBERS: Kindra Christensen, Jeff Oltmann, Evan Shaw, Nathan Kurtz, Kate Payne, Brad Leeper

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