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UIHC Main OR Expansion and Pediatric Cath Lab
Iowa City, IA

To accommodate new technology, UIHC added four new ORs that are 70% larger, two new pediatric cardiac catheterization labs, and four new NICU rooms, all with new support spaces, finishes and HVAC. The design team used LEAN design events, including full scale mock-ups and simulations, to engage users and identify optimum workflow.

Medical gas piping
1.5 miles
Wall outlets
Display Monitors in each OR
Medical Planner
Kristina Mehmen

LEAN Design and Coordinated Construction were Vital in this Complex Space

The nature of these high profile spaces made the project highly complex, in both planning and design. For better infection control, the team created a seal around the blood gas refrigerator, moved computer equipment out of the lab, and redesigned the existing surgery pass-throughs for better closure. We also took future modifications and maintenance into consideration, designing to make those easy to complete without disrupting operations. Construction activities were also carefully coordinated and sequenced, calling for specialized materials and applications that would allow the project to be completed amidst full hospital operations, including intensive care for infants in adjacent areas.

Other team members: Becky Hansel, Jason DeVries, Mark Schmidt, Julie Etheredge, and Eric Ritland

The impact this space makes on UIHC’s delivery of innovative care made it exciting and challenging at the same time. The complexities that need to be considered in all aspects of design are immense and critical to making these spaces functional now and in the future.
- Jason DeVries Project Architect
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