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UIHC Scott Boulevard
Iowa City, IA

To give University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics the upgraded space it needed, INVISION worked with Hodge Construction to design this new 25,000 sq. ft. family medicine clinic. With 30 exam rooms in an on-stage, off-stage model, it was designed to support the client’s successful workflow process, while creating a warm and inviting experience for patients and families.

100% of Perimeter
Clerestory in Staff Work Space
5,723 SQ. FT.
Exterior glazing
20 months
Estimated Project Duration
Justin Bailey

Effective balance of form and function.

This project is a great example of the balance of form and function that we strive to achieve for our clients. As a leased space, early and accurate cost estimating set the stage for the project and created clear confines in which we balanced effective layouts that catered to UIHC’s patient mapping with design features that will create a great experience for users.
Unique to the design is the full-perimeter of clerestory allowing for natural daylight in all three staff work areas. Careful attention was given to creating a welcoming experience. The natural palette begins with wood elements and dramatic curtain wall openings in the canopy and entry space. The palette is also carried throughout the exterior and interior design. Finally, balance is seen in the tall sloping parapet walls designed to hide rooftop mechanical equipment from community and adjacent residential views.

Other team members: Brian SandermanRoland Ganter, Kellen Pacheco, Kristina Mehmen, Mark Schmidt, Eric Ritland.

“I’m impressed with INVISION’s construction document quality. They look complete, with lots of good details.”
- Andy Hodge Project Manager, Hodge Construction
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