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UnityPoint Health Des Moines Blank Children’s STAR & Developmental Center
West Des Moines

The Blank Children’s STAR & Developmental Center offers help to children who have been victims of abuse, exposed to drugs, are in the foster care system, or need extra support to grow and thrive as well as provides diagnosis and treatment for children with developmental, behavioral, and physical conditions. INVISION worked closely with UnityPoint Health Des Moines to meet their goals of providing space for both programs to grow.

Through the new, stand-alone facility, UnityPoint Health Des Moines offers a safe space which meets the specific needs of these clients. UnityPoint Health desired the new facility to have a distinct tie-in to Blank Children’s Hospital. INVISION brought forward a colorful and playful design which reflected the unique design of the downtown hospital. With the ever-changing colored exterior, made possible by interference stainless steel on angled exterior walls, the facility offers an identifiable and special place for patients and their families. With the patients often being at-risk youth, unobtrusive check points (sub-waiting rooms) control the flow of traffic and allow privacy for families while they wait. As the needs of the STAR Center patients differ from the Development Center patients, each floor was designated for each center.

Additional design decisions which focused on the patients included:

STAR Center
First of its kind in Iowa
Developmental Center Patients/Families Served
Up to 3,800 by 2024
Interference Stainless Steel Facade
Surface acts as a prism and bends the light
Project Coordinator
Justin Bailey

It was an honor to be a part of a project with such a significant and positive impact on the youth in our community and region. Getting to know the facilities staff and truly understand the vital services they provide will forever make this a special project to INVISON.

Other Team Members: Xianli Zeng, Evan Shaw, Seth Jenkins, Justin Bailey, Brett Van Zee, Eric Ritland

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