UNI wished to design a building that embodies the UNI spirit — success for their students and graduates.
Waterloo Career Center
Waterloo, IA
It was an amazing collaborative and creative process that INVISION delivered.
If we've designed a school, we've failed.
Hoover Middle School
Waterloo, Iowa
This phase of a master plan addressed issues of a school with more students than originally planned. The project relocated the kitchen and cafeteria allowing the newly designed Commons Addition to be a light filled, multi-purpose space for eating, teaching and community events.
For this project, the team's focus was to increase the identity of student services on their campus and to provide an improved experience for recruiting and registration of new and existing students.
As a creative alternative to a new stand-alone building, INVISION developed an addition concept for Allen College that bridges two existing buildings and connect this small campus.
With the help of INVISION, the College’s facilities are once again thriving and receiving national recognition.
This multi-phase project made the building a cutting-edge facility for dental education. The design team worked to accommodate many needs in one, patient-centered solution that encourages collaboration and accommodates present and future modernization.
It’s not just about brick and mortar, it’s about how we enable people to live the best life they can.
Based on a comprehensive needs assessment, construction of this new school provided the opportunity to create modern, effective learning environments for students in a building that is designed to last and adapt.
As one of the first Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) schools in the state of Iowa, George Washington Carver Academy provides hands-on, relevant experience in a real-world context.