“Our facility continues to receive positive comments daily. The first impression of many is our facility is clean and warm and welcoming. We acknowledge how the initial reaction from patients when they walk in adds to the overall experience. Other healthcare executives who have visited have commented, ‘Wow! This is such a stunning and brilliant facility.'”

– NATE THOMPSON, CEO Story County Medical Center


WILC-Michelle test

“Don’t be afraid to put it all out there—all your dreams, all your hopes, every vision you’ve had for it. Know and trust that INVISION will hear you and take into account all of those things and bring it all to life. Trust in the process. Don’t be afraid to dream big, because somehow they’re able to make it all happen.”

– MICHELLE HILL, Director of APEX Waukee Schools



“INVISION did a great job of listening to what we wanted in the space, but was also not afraid to challenge and educate our team on current regulations and best practices.”

– DANETTE KRAMER, Chief Financial Officer Regional Medical Center–Manchester




“The INVISION team is extraordinary listeners. They respond to the most important needs in a very creative way. It’s the little things that make a big difference. INVISION did their homework. They thought of every detail and knew to ask questions. The facility solves every problem we knew we had, and more.”

 SANDY HATFIELD CLUBB, Athletic Director Drake University


“Their plan and style fit us, our culture and our brand so well and I believe it was only possible because they listened very carefully. Coaches and officials from the biggest, most prestigious institutions in the country have been amazed with the facility and how creative and unique it is, without being excessive.”

 MIKE CIGELMAN, Associate Director of Facilities Drake University




“INVISION’s ability to communicate effectively, apply high professional standards, and work as a team is a tribute to their commitment and expertise.”

– NANCY QUECK, President E.E. Warren Opera House Association




“This development has all come together to make it a great place to live. It has become a point of pride for our citizens and leaders.”

– PAUL HUTING, Director of Leisure Services City of Waterloo



“During construction, INVISION was attentive to details, accessible for site visits and responsive about solving construction issues that invariably occur. The staff I worked with was always pleasant and professional and yet firmly protected the interests of the university and the equitable interpretation of the Construction Documents.”

– STEVEN PRATER, Retired Project Manager, Iowa State University



“Many of their ideas have raised eyebrows and prompted statements such as, ‘That is a very good option we had not even thought of.’”

– DAVID JOHNSEN, Dean, The University of Iowa, College of Dentistry




“To put it very simply, the ultimate goal is to create a space where teaching and learning can occur in the most appropriate way. Every school is different—the design has to meet our culture—and I think it did. When we look at the design, it’s not just about brick and mortar, it’s about how we enable people to live the best life they can in teaching, learning and working.

– DR. LIANG WEE, President Northeast Iowa Community College



“Our architectural team from INVISION collaborated purposefully and effectively with key stakeholders to deliver a creative, functional design for our hospital project. They are experts in their field… and our field; they know and understand healthcare!”