Join us in celebrating the accomplishments and contributions of our new senior associates. Senior associates embody our firm’s culture of design excellence, environmental leadership, innovation, and being excellent collaborators. They are passionate influencers, energetic mentors, and bring unique value through specific subject matter expertise. We are pleased to announce the following senior associates: Jason DeVries, Laura Peterson, and Tim Turnis.

Jason DeVries, AIA, Senior Associate

Jason has been a licensed architect with INVISION for 12 years serving as lead designer on a multitude of project typologies. His passion for the built environment was honed while spending a decade in the construction field prior to his architectural education. Jason believes it is the architect’s responsibility to design client responsive spaces that serve the end user by solving a problem and providing unique aesthetic value in the approach.

Laura Peterson, AIA, Senior Associate

Laura, a licensed architect, joined INVISION in 2008. Laura brings her passion and strength for building relationships to each project she works on by listening and advocating for her clients. She gains professional satisfaction from finding solutions to the daily challenges in the high-energy environment of the studio. Her attention to detail and helping her clients achieve their goals makes her a valuable member on any team.

Tim Turnis, AIA, Senior Associate

Tim, a licensed architect, joined INVISION in 2006 through an internship with the firm. As a managing architect and project architect for the firm, he leads project teams with a balanced and comprehensive approach. He excels at the planning process by effectively maintaining established design priorities and managing value-based decisions.