Our three-step process is critical to our balanced approach and the cornerstone for our client’s success. It’s a consistent model that is customized to your project and the services we offer.



We problem-seek before we problem solve to not only discover your needs, but to understand why they shape what you’ve only dreamt.

We don’t jump into designing something we think you need.  Instead, we take the time to:

In the end, you will have consensus, project goals and drivers, as well as verification of needs.  With everyone on the same page, we are ready to sketch.



Here’s the really fun part. See your design unfold on paper with a balanced approach that doesn’t compromise great design or the functionality you need.

To transform your vision into reality (and stay on time and on budget), we will:

We often say “it doesn’t matter if it looks good if it doesn’t work.” Our balanced approach will be sure your solution is both.



As you watch your solution come to life, we are there for you, advocating for your dreams during the construction process to keep reality in line with vision.

Our partnership thrives in this step as we:

For us, implementation extends beyond move in day. Seeing the space influence users because we designed with those project goals and drivers in mind is by far the most rewarding experience.