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SingleSpeed Brewing Co.
Waterloo, IA

This brewery, beer hall, restaurant and retail space gives new life to a one-story, historic structure built in 1927 as a bakery and most recently occupied by Hostess’ Wonder Bread. The 35,000 sq. ft. renovation leveraged public tax credits and grant funding to repurpose an iconic structure into a new community amenity by transforming the building’s functionality from bread to beer.

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Previous Vacancy
3 Years
35,000 SQ. FT.
Project Designer
Maggie Watkins

Renovation with respect for history and the art of creating and making.

The attention to repurposing and revitalizing made this project exciting and interesting with every turn it took. I appreciated the owner’s respect for the building’s historic significance to the heart of downtown by preserving its original character and brand.

For this factory renovation, we celebrated the art of creating and making. For instance, we reused conical rollers from the conveyer belt for a bike rack, wood flooring for the bar's backdrop and an oven footprint to distinguish lounge seating. Patrons can still see the former Wonder Bread signage, an intentional decision because of the significance it has for the community and historic preservation.

The design focuses on simplistic materiality inherent to the building and the era in which it was built. Volume, touchable and natural materials, historic textures and layered views create a unique experience. Where new building components are used, they are treated as insertions to distinguish old from new and preserve the integrity of its past.

Other team members: Cody Mills, Kindra Christensen, Brad Leeper and Mike Bechtel

People have a lot of pride in this building. If we can help bring those memories back, it’s worth it.
- Dave Morgan Owner, who was quoted in a recent Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier article
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