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Dallas County Training Center for Excellence
Adel, IA

INVISION was commissioned to design a new 143,000-square-foot facility constructed for company-wide training planned to cover a wide range of electrical and gas delivery programs. Located in rural Iowa, the facility needed to make a bold statement for the client, but also settle into the surrounding agricultural context.

The program called for specific guidelines for spaces including a 50-foot clearance in the Pole Training Arena for training on 40-foot poles configured for single-phase and three-phase overhead power lines. The design incorporates viewing portals into every lab or training arenas on the main level. The portals are trimmed in corporate red powder-coated steel plates to provide wayfinding queues, accent the space and act as a subtle nod to the brand. A common precept of the interior design includes deployment of corporate branding throughout the space to remind all employees of the Company’s Core Principles. A large break room placed near the front entry offers access to an enclosed patio for employees needing to step away and connect to nature via a glass overhead door.

The project is the pinnacle asset in the client’s portfolio and is an elegant and artistic architectural solution that uses the building itself as an educational device.

Training Programs
Apprenticeship Term
2 - 4 Years
Fritted Glass SHGC Reduction
Managing Architect
Jason DeVries

From the onset, this project carried lofty expectations as the newest addition to the client’s corporate asset portfolio. The team began by gathering programming data, conducted end-user interviews, and worked closely with leadership to understand project drivers. The facility and program were new to the client, so early efforts were rooted in sharing our knowledge and expertise in similar program types.

The design schedule was fast paced and included pricing exercises at the end of each phase. The team produced construction documents in a scheduled five-package release over six months. The first bid package, released four months after project kickoff, included all underground civil and structural scope. Packages over the next two months included structural framing, exterior design and finishes, site development, and interior finishes. Our team structure enabled members to lead specific aspects of the design and to be responsible for coordinating all elements with the broader project.

The design team worked to deploy a consistent theme of durability, adaptability and branded cohesiveness to every design decision and material selection. The facility stands as a pinnacle asset for the client serving as the only training facility of its kind in the surrounding region.

Other team members: Shannon McGee, Brett Van Zee, Abbey Huppenbauer, Dan Schwers, Heidi WillisMark Nevenhoven 

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