Koch Fascial Plastic Surgery & Spa

West Des Moines, IA

This design-build project was a new 10,000sf, two-story office building for a facial plastic surgery clinic. The 5,000sf lower-level provides seven spa/​clinic rooms, a doctor’s suite, three staff offices, a waiting area, a reception space with space for patient records, a procedure room and a recovery room, as well as a break room for staff. The second level is shell space for a future tenant. The two-story main entry lobby with south-facing glass provides a view from the plastic surgery clinic’s waiting area. The project incorporates a high-performance building envelope. The masonry and fiber cement panel skin provides a distinctive complement to the neighboring suburban development. 

Jason DeVries

Prior to the site purchase, we worked to ensure the site could handle all the activities the owner wanted in the building. Double-loaded corridors were one solution devised to ensure an efficient layout utilizing every square inch of usable space.