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Jackson Crossing
Des Moines, IA

Designed for young professionals and equipped with more community amenities than the average complex, Jackson Crossing will offer 244 market-rate apartments in three different buildings. The strategic geometric designs maximize the potential of downtown views and the irregular site while the integrated architecture and landscape design suit the contrasting urban and residential context.

Unique amenities
Square Feet
Cost per sq ft.
Managing Architect
Bill Futrell

Design solutions answer unique project drivers.

Designing to solve a challenging project drivers is motivating for me. On this project, the owner’s goals, the new needs of the tenant and the site itself pushed the entire team to deliver a solution that exceeds expectations.

Other team members: David Reid, and Mark Nevenhoven

The location of these units presented a great opportunity for design. It is just outside the hustle and bustle of downtown Des Moines, yet still an urban location connected to the area’s accommodations and vibrant lifestyle.
- David Reid Project Designer
How we approach our projects
Our Process