Chasing Rainbows | A Journey Through Colorful Design

June 26, 2024


As a playful nod to Pride Month, we’ve spotlighted each color of the rainbow to showcase its vibrant influence on our environments and communities alike. Color isn’t just a visual element – the power of color extends beyond design, it shapes our mood, energizes us, and impacts our overall well-being. Each hue in our series delves deeper than aesthetics, evoking distinct emotions and atmospheres. From the fiery passion of reds to the serene tranquility of blues, colors play a transformative role in our lives. Scroll through to read about the power of each shade, discovering how they influence our environments, enrich our experiences, and truly embody the essence of our architectural visions.


Red | The Dynamic Force 

Buckle up as we dive headfirst in the red zone — where sass meets substance and architecture heats up. Red isn’t just a color; it’s a mood, a statement, and a bold proclamation. It’s that sassy friend who commands the room without even trying.

It’s not just about desire and excitement; it’s about that impulsive urge to stop and stare. Red doesn’t whisper; it shouts with passion and energy, demanding attention. In architecture, red isn’t just a paint choice; it’s a power move. Whether it’s a modern reception desk detail, an opportunity to highlight a staircase in the heart of a building, or a key feature guiding through a space, red transforms spaces into a vibrant expression of courage and vitality. It’s the hue that ignites creativity and invites adventure, leaving a lasting impression that’s as unforgettable as it is daring.

So, when you’re craving that extra punch, embrace red. Give it the spotlight it deserves. Because in the spectrum of colors, red is not just a choice — it’s a dynamic force to be reckoned with.


Orange | The Social Optimist

Step on into the spotlight because orange is the life of the architectural party. Radiating optimism, cheerfulness, and a playful spirit, orange doesn’t just blend in — it sparks conversations and becomes part of the social fabric of a space.

In architecture, orange is like that charismatic guest who effortlessly draws people together. Its vibrant and uplifting qualities create an atmosphere that encourages interaction and engagement. Whether it’s a vibrant brewery where orange chairs invite patrons to linger and chat or an education space where an orange mural sparks creativity and collaboration, orange becomes more than just a color; it becomes a catalyst for social connection and community building.

Embrace the social optimism of orange in your architectural designs. Let it become part of the conversation. Orange isn’t just bright — it’s the glue that binds people together in shared spaces.


Yellow | The Cheerful Energizer

Feeling blue? Not with yellow in the mix! Linked to happiness and positivity, yellow radiates warmth and echoes the sun’s cheerful glow. Like that reliable friend who always knows how to brighten your day, yellow transforms any architectural space into a mood-lifting haven, instantly boosting spirits and inviting positivity.

In architecture, yellow is a lively companion that energizes and uplifts, a catalyst for creating an atmosphere that buzzes with energy and optimism. Yellow isn’t just a backdrop; it’s a mood enhancer that fosters creativity and encourages positive connections. From a welcoming reception area to a vibrant creative makers space, yellow infuses spaces with cheerfulness that enhances every interaction.

Whether you’re designing a space for communication, creativity, or community engagement, embrace the energy of yellow. Let it illuminate your architectural environment and invite happiness and positivity into your space.


Green | The Tranquil Rejuvenator 

Go green and feel the difference! Symbolizing balance, harmony, and hope, this soothing color represents a lifestyle that promotes peace and well-being in architectural spaces. Whether crafting a healing healthcare environment or a lively brewery, green’s biophilic connection to nature is pivotal for enhancing both physical and mental health.

Imagine green as that supportive friend who always brings a sense of calm and renewal to every gathering. Its ties to nature create tranquility and renewal, ideal for spaces prioritizing well-being. By integrating green plants and natural materials through biophilic design principles, spaces nurture a deeper connection to our environment, enhancing overall wellness and vitality.

Let green be your trusted companion in creating spaces that nurture, heal, and inspire. Allow it to guide your architectural vision towards spaces that not only look beautiful but also promote well-being and harmony.


Blue | The Serene Stabilizer

Dive into a wave of relaxation with the color blue! Known for its calming and serene presence, blue creates an ideal atmosphere for spaces requiring stability and calmness, such as healthcare facilities. It’s cool tones not only promote clarity of mind but also enhance focus, making it a preferred choice for workspaces and schools where concentration is crucial.

Blue is your dependable friend who always brings clarity and serenity to any environment. Evoking trust, loyalty, and wisdom, blue exudes calmness and serenity, reminiscent of the sky and the sea. In architectural design, blue establishes a soothing and stable ambiance, particularly beneficial for industries like healthcare, and education.

Splash blue onto your architectural canvas and let it guide you towards spaces that prioritize peace and clarity, enhancing concentration and fostering trust and well-being.


Purple | The Luxurious Innovator

Welcome to the end zone, the final tier of the rainbow. Here, we slip into the realm of purple — a realm where creativity, ambition, and a flair for dramatic converge in architectural design. Adding a touch of whimsy and luxury, purple’s deep hues transform spaces into havens of sophistication and playful inspiration. Whether it’s a study nook, a focused exam room, or a daring color-changing façade, purple creates an atmosphere that encourages mindfulness and sparks inspiration.

Purple is like that stylish and creative friend who adds a playful twist to every event. With its royal pedigree and mysterious allure, purple embodies wisdom and spiritual vibes, captivating and inspiring all who immerse themselves in its radiance. By blending serene blues with fiery reds, purple achieves a dynamic elegance that commands attention and transforms any space it touches.

This dreamy and introspective energy makes purple the ultimate companion for environments that blend creativity with a splash of playful charm. Indulge in purple’s soothing tones to elevate your architectural space with a dose of luxury, creativity, and a wink of fun.


Color isn’t just a tool for designers — it’s the secret sauce that adds flavor to a space and can shape one’s mood and overall atmosphere. We hope you have enjoyed diving into the psychology of color and unlocking the emotions of the different hues. Designers can craft spaces that are not only visually appealing but also functionally effective. Each color has its own personality waiting to transform designs into vibrant, unforgettable experiences that leave a lasting impression.