INVISION's Waterloo Team Embraces Growth with Move to Historic TechWorks Building

May 21, 2024


March 2024 marked the start of an exciting new chapter for our Waterloo team as they relocated to the recently renovated TechWorks building’s fourth floor. The move is not only a change in location but a bold step forward in embracing growth, innovation, and a renewed commitment to our community.

Moving into the historic TechWorks building is significant to INVISION for several reasons. In 1928, construction began on TechWorks (formerly Tractor R Building). The building became the cornerstone of Deere & Company’s manufacturing complex, marking a significant turning point for Waterloo’s industrial development. The machinery and production processes used in the space were cutting-edge in the 1900s. It was also the first high-rise manufacturing facility in the city. This innovation led the building to become a symbol of Waterloo’s success.1

In 2019, INVISION designed the renovation of the fourth, fifth, and sixth floors of the TechWorks building for Lincoln Savings Bank (LSB). INVISION honored the original features of the TechWorks building throughout the project while still integrating modern functionality and design. Some features included restoring historic window patterns and preserving interior concrete column structures. Every aspect of the renovation reflects a deep respect for the building’s heritage because our architects recognize the value and meaning historic buildings bring to their communities. 


Lincoln Savings Bank | Renovated Space

LSB planned the fourth floor to be flexible for leasing or their long-term growth. So, when the Waterloo office began thinking about relocating, we knew exactly where to go. INVISION currently leases a portion of the fourth floor from LSB.

The Waterloo office move brought us closer to other clients, notably UNI and Hawkeye Community College. The John Deere Museum and the Marriot at TechWorks are located beside our new office building. Both are additional past projects our team has completed. We value our clients so much, so it is awesome to be neighbors with so many of them. It feels amazing to be able to strengthen these relationships and build a sense of community right at our doorstep,” said Cody Mills, Associate and Project Manager in the Waterloo office.

The new Waterloo office provides INVISION with an engaging work environment. Windows wrap around all sides of the building, flooding the office with natural light. The new location also boasts a floor plan that fosters collaborative group work. 



We love our new location at the TechWorks building. One of the most exciting features for us is the addition of new technology-rich meeting spaces. Collaboration is integral to our architectural process, and these dedicated spaces allow us to communicate and work together without disrupting others’ workflow. It’s already proving to be a huge asset to our team,” said Cody.



The move to the TechWorks building marks a significant milestone for our Waterloo team. The new location not only enhances our workspace but strengthens our ties with valued clients. As we settle into our new home, we are excited about the opportunities to foster growth, enhance creativity, and build strong connections within our community. We look forward to what the future holds for our Waterloo office.