With any great novel, sometimes you want to reread certain chapters before beginning the next. Sometimes it’s to be sure you retained the great wisdom that was shared. Sometimes it’s because you simply want to make sure nothing was missed. And sometimes, it’s to ensure you fully understand the characters involved. As Mike Broshar begins his next chapter in life, retirement, we want to take this moment to step back and review this latest chapter of his life – INVISION Architecture.

While Mike officially joined INVISION in 1982, he spent many hours of his childhood working side by side with his father, Bob Broshar. From running prints to sorting specs, Mike helped in any way he could. This willingness to offer a hand became a signature quality of Mike throughout the years.

Mike became a partner in 1991 which was also the year he served as secretary for AIA Iowa. His commitment to the AIA and its mission continued to grow as he served as vice president and president. This led to him becoming involved with the regional and national levels of AIA as well resulting in receiving his fellowship in 2006. Mike’s commitment to our professional was evident in his involvement in the Iowa Architectural Foundation, National Architectural Accrediting Board, and Design Professionals Risk Control Group. His passion for learning and teaching is hard to beat. Throughout his tenure with these peer groups, he found that mentorship does not solely come from those who are your elders. You can learn from your peers and those younger than yourself if you simply open yourself up to listen.

Mentorship is a key component of INVISION’s culture. Mike recognizes his dad for being his most influential mentor, noting him as an architect, leader, and skilled communicator. He truly cared about the people he interacted with making him a great role model to Mike. When asked what type of advice Mike would offer to young architects today, he noted some of those similar qualities he saw in his dad. “The relationship with the team you work with is critical to your success. Working WITH your team (clients, consultants, contractors) will help you achieve success.”

When asked about his favorite project, Mike’s dedication to Waterloo shines brightly. “It would be a tie between the CedarValley Sportsplex and the Vision Iowa/Riverloop Amphitheater project, because both brought new life to the downtown. The Amphitheater allowed a reconnection to the Cedar River in the downtown area, which had been cut off by flood control projects in the 1970s.”

Mike also added, “There is such a variety of things we get to do as architects, but I would have to say that the planning component of a project is the most fulfilling. I say that because at the beginning of a project, what can be achieved is rarely known. Being able to take a lot of disparate ideas and work to shape them into a definable project is very satisfying.”

Mike has played a lead character in our story throughout his 37-year chapter at INVISION. In a farewell video from the staff, he was recognized as a gift to our studio through his wealth of knowledge, the welcoming environment for young professionals he created, his thoughtful and steady approach, the career he’s built – and more importantly the family he built. Mike, you will most definitely be missed.