No matter where or what the occasion, people gather around food

June 20, 2016
That’s why we’ve built regular opportunities to get together and catch up with plates in hand. It’s where we discuss projects, share stories, talk about weekend plans and get a little extra team building time to keep our INVISION family strong.

At our Waterloo studio, Back Alley BBQ takes place every Wednesday during the summer. Our renowned cooks, Tim, Cody and Kellen, master the grill while each person on staff takes turns sharing their favorite side dishes. We gather around out the back door in, you guessed it, the alley. It’s become a highlight of the week and a great way to enjoy great conversation in the summer sun.

Meanwhile, the Des Moines studio ends each week on a high note with Friday Breakfast. We take turns surprising the office with our favorite sweet and savory breakfast items and meet at the team table to enjoy a homemade meal with fun discussion. As a staple for this office, this has become a great way to end the work week for the INVISION team.