Projects that keep giving

March 01, 2019
Most projects are unique and special in their own right, often through the personalities of the team, the problems you’ve solved together, and the great strategy implemented. As design professionals, we live and breathe a service-oriented culture every day. It’s always about giving the most of yourself and providing a special experience to your clients. We’re sure you’ve heard this before. But what you may not have always heard in return is Thank You”.

Tangible items such as relationships built, friendships formed, or a beautiful, functional building are some of the best outcomes for our teams. But it’s the story that they continue to tell that truly makes the difference. The programs that provide new services, reach one more student, provide comfort to a previously underserved patient, or that lets staff enjoy the work and service they provide that really matters. We are just lucky enough to design the facilities where these extraordinary outcomes happen.

Waukee Innovation and Learning Center (WILC)

One project that continues to give to its community and students in a big way is the WILC, home of the Aspiring Professional Experience program (APEX). The WILC project was recently recognized in the 2018 School Planning & Management Education Design Showcase and will be competing against national and international teams next week at the Learn By Design competition at SxSW EDU. This project is a great example of a school district promoting programming built to give back and a design response to facilitate it. The project is recognized on a national level for its commitment to student exploration in the regional economic sectors and its forward-thinking design.

So today we say, Thank You”. We enjoy each and every journey. Let’s continue to build something great. Together.