Shannon McGee and Maggie Dougherty achieve licensure

April 23, 2018
INVISION congratulates two team members as they join the ranks as licensed professionals. Shannon and Maggie have completed the exams and other requirements to become registered architects in the State of Iowa.

Shannon is excited to have accomplished what she went to school for, after a two and a half year process, and definitely will not miss going home to study for exams as the weather turns nicer. She is also looking forward to not having to explain that an intern architect” is a full-time job for a college graduate. She started studying her senior year of university, following the advice of mentors who encouraged her to get the tests completed before life got in the way. She feels she has much to learn, and is pleased to have supportive colleagues to turn to when it comes time to stamp her first set of drawings.

Maggie also started the process two and a half years ago, and is excited to be in great company, among classmates, co-workers and design groundbreakers. Growing up she drew houses and wrote a paper in middle school about designing buildings on the moon, and has always looked at licensure as the next step needed to jump start her career.

Shannon’s licensure coincided with a trip to Yosemite and San Francisco, and the office celebrated with cupcakes and chocolates. Maggie is planning a stamping party,” which involves white attire and a copious supply of ink. Your imagination can take it from there.

Regardless of how we celebrate, we are delighted to offer our congratulations to INVISION’s two newest architects!