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Mercy Comfort Health Center for Women
Clive, IA

This women’s center offers integrated and coordinated health care in a way that makes it the first of its kind in the state of Iowa. The INVISION team was charged to think differently and keep patient experience the top priority as they designed the space to emanate that prestige.

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Designing a space for women that is as unique as the service itself.

The design team focused on Mercy’s goal to create a patient-centric and innovative center that gives women the opportunity to connect with other women for preventive and specialty care services in one convenient location.

The center needed a strong physical presence and identity, as the existing building features a heavy rhythm and symmetrical repetition through use of brick and EIFS materials. We created an innovative exterior entrance design with dramatic height and Corian cladding. To give the patients a welcoming, comfortable and non-clinical atmosphere, we incorporated spa-like finishes, natural light and concepts of warmth and richness. Structural wood decking wraps the interior lobby and is complemented by interior finishes throughout the renovated space. The addition design leverages healing qualities of daylighting through an elegant use of high-performance glazing.

To streamline operations, reduce patient steps and shorten visits, we used patient mapping exercises, lean methodologies and full-scale mock ups throughout the process. Innovative programming and amenities, such as a meeting room suited for educational purposes and a demonstration kitchen, allow the center to empower enriched lifestyles for women and their families. To accommodate a flexible, quick and budget-conscious design, we phased the project, accelerated our process and engaged with a large team of users early and often.

Other team members: Becky Hansel, Jason DeVries, Mike Bechtel, Shannon McGee and Mike Broshar.

We needed to accomplish a lot with the design and INVISION never gave up, or gave in. The INVISION team gave us a great final design and we actually had fun working through the challenges.
- Leisha Barcus Director, Comfort Health Center for Women
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