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Northeast Iowa Community College Industrial Technologies
Peosta, IA


As the result of master planning efforts, the Industrial Technologies Building is the first step in the realization of a new campus vision for Northeast Iowa Community College. The building juxtaposes industrial materials and exposed structure with rigorous detailing. Distinctive lighting, combined with translucent materials, creates a glowing-lantern effect in the evening.

AIA Central States
Honor Award
AIA Iowa
Honor Award
Association of Licensed Architects
Institutional Gold Award
Jason DeVries

The clean and dirty side of a beautiful design.

This building combined both industrial learning settings and more traditional spaces such as quiet classrooms, staff offices and a student lounge. We talked about it having a “dirty” side and a “clean” side. Lodged in the hillside, the lower level of the new facility houses a 12-bay automotive shop and a six-bay diesel lab capable of accepting full-length tractor-trailers. The building also features an electronics lab, CNC machining, welding and labs for heating and cooling unit service. These were the “dirty” side. The “clean” student lounge, staff offices and classrooms overlook an Outdoor Learning Lab. The Outdoor Learning Lab occupies a unique ecological transition zone, represented by four separate, seven-acre ecosystems: woodland, savannah, prairie and wetlands.

To put it very simply, the ultimate goal is to create a space where teaching and learning can occur in the most appropriate way. Every School is different—The design has to meet our culture—and I think it did. When we look at the design, it’s not just about brick and mortar, it’s about how we enable people to live the best life they can in teaching, learning and working.
- Dr. Liang Chee Wee President
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