Spring cleaning checklist

By Justin Bailey

March 29, 2017
Spring is a time of renewal, with buds and leaves bursting out everywhere. It’s a great time not only for spring cleaning, but for making sure that your facilities are ship shape as well.

A few hours of time looking at the condition of your buildings can save serious money if problems are remedied early. With that in mind, we’ve put together this handy facilities spring cleaning checklist.

Start from the top down — you need a dry building before other repairs are attempted so look for these things on the roof

  • Check roof drains – are they blocked?
  • Check roof membranes – did they sustain any damage from winter’s freezes and thaws?
  • Check sealants and terminators of the roof – minor repairs here can go a long way
  • Check membrane boots at roof penetrations
  • Clean out the gutters – let water escape properly
  • Check sealant lines at metal roof coping/​edges. Look for buckling from possible ice damage

Check around the perimeter of the building, and make sure things look good from the outside

  • Check the gutters and downspouts — make sure they are connected, clean and draining away from the building
  • Clean out debris that has collected near the perimeter
  • Check sealants around windows and doors
  • Review masonry joints-any cracking/​efflorescence/​signs of water damage? Call an expert before making temporary repairs yourself — you don’t want to unintentionally cause more damage
  • Check the sweeps and seals around the doors – these are easy to replace and can have an impact
  • Check siding joints – remove and replace damaged sealants
  • Check around the perimeter for earth settling causing drainage back towards the building

Even inside, there are opportunities to make sure your facility is ready for another year

  • Check those windows and doors from the interior, too!
  • Change your filters – this can improve efficiency and prolong system life
  • Verify plumbing cleanouts are clear of debris
  • Pull out those O&M’s and review annual maintenance items

Lastly, think bigger picture

Your programming needs maintenance too. Are all your space needs up to date and being met? Strategically investing some time here can pay dividends in a fast-changing world.

  • Survey your staff. Do they have the right space to get theirs jobs done efficiently/​correctly?
  • Talk to your leadership team. What really can make an impact?
  • Make a facility goal list of things to accomplish (no matter how big or small) in the next 3 quarters
  • Start planning/​smart planning for the future – it will be here before you know it. What is your future state?
  • Think lean!

Taking the time to review your facility on a regular basis is a best practice to catching issues early, before they cause bigger problems down the road. Our staff have experience with planning and capital renewal/​deferred maintenance — if there’s anything we can do for you, just let us know. Investing time in your facility this spring can keep things running smoothly and lay groundwork for continued success in the future.