The Implementation Phase is the culmination of our process

November 01, 2019
Following the Discovery and the Strategy Phases, we begin the final stage of your project – when your vision becomes reality through Implementation. You now have a refined and approved design solution that is further developed and executed into contract documents for use in the field.

Learning the how” behind a project places strategy in motion and solutions come to life

Our design team digs in and gets to work detailing all of the necessary elements required for construction. Collaboration continues with you during this phase to review specific design solutions, make final material selections and specify pertinent parameters to guide your project to success. Additional firm members support the team internally by conducting quality control reviews to reinforce a superior outcome. We also apply other strategies during this period to align expectations for all. To improve the delivery schedule, we offer page turn reviews with stakeholders at each of the periodic progress review sessions and often perform more detailed costing efforts to maintain scope and budget alignment throughout this phase.

The Implementation Phase includes the exciting final steps of bidding and construction, where the goals and aspirations defined in the initial Discovery phase come to life. During construction, our strong partnership will continue as we advocate to see that the reality meets your anticipated outcome and you receive the results you deserve.