The Strategy Phase is a critical time for decision-making

By Tim Turnis

August 02, 2019
After the Discovery phase, we move into the Strategy phase where we reinforce our partnership with you to create the best solutions. This phase produces tangible realities. At the heart of Strategy, what we draw together ensures our successes.

Learning the what” behind a project merges form, function and stewardship

Our initial engagement through Discovery exercises unpacks the reality of what your future could look like. We establish a thorough understanding of who you are, where you want to go, and what may keep you from getting there. From there, we step into the Strategy phase to develop innovative, forward-thinking and functional design solutions that align with your identity. We start by putting everything on the table to ensure the team understands all the possibilities. Every option is worth discussing. This may seem overwhelming, but our experience enables us to quickly point to options that align with you, your goals, and ultimately with your finances.

Making decisions directly affecting your future is not taken lightly. We work diligently to establish project drivers to help guide us. As we narrow in on solutions, we begin to evaluate against each driver and formalize this in a weighted matrix allowing the team to quickly visualize which solutions provide the most benefit. Through this comprehensive yet objective approach, value-based decisions are efficiently achieved.

As we pursue solutions, we look to refine and define how we achieve the best outcomes, within budget. Often cost is a project driver, and it is necessary to perform honest and accurate cost evaluations of every option. This is where it all comes together — concept to design. Your challenges and goals meet our talent and experience and a successful solution is created that aligns with project drivers that achieve the team’s goals — both physically and financially.