There’s no other way to put it — moving stinks

By Laura Peterson and Abbey Huppenbauer

October 16, 2018
No matter how organized you are, paper files and I’ll get to it next week items” gather quickly in your work station. Then you hear the announcement: your office is moving. The process of sifting through years of your paper fortress seems daunting and timely.

INVISION has a process that makes moving manageable. With a labeling system, good communication, and a bit of obsessive organization, we can handle a project of any size. This is the foundation of our Move Management service and we are here to help! Our services include detailed schedules, managing employee expectations and temporary space coordination.

Recent clients include West Des Moines City Hall — a multi-phased 42,000 square foot building move. We walked the client through the best solutions for not only public-interaction, but for their evolving future.

Moving is a great opportunity for change. INVISION looks forward to helping you through your next transition with a smooth, organized process. Contact Laura Peterson or Abbey Huppenbauer for more information.