Tim Turnis achieves licensure

July 31, 2019
INVISION congratulates Tim as he joins the ranks of our licensed professionals. He completed the exams and requirements and is now a registered architect in the State of Iowa.

Here’s what Tim had to say about his recent accomplishment:

My path to achieve this milestone has been worthwhile. I attribute many professional successes to those who have guided me in my career. There is something to be said about the value of experience while working in an active, professional studio. I hold in high regard those who have contributed to my knowledge and development as an architect, and can speak in depth to the strengths of the many people who have influenced my career while at INVSION. They have continually reminded me the importance of licensure and our roles and responsibilities as designers and architects.

While society often has a success now’ mentality, I’m not bothered by the timing of my licensure. In some ways it was daunting to take on a new role. Architects are responsible for many facets, so I needed to be comfortable with those responsibilities. Taking my time, developing soft skills, and gaining knowledge and experience felt more important to me than the AIA after my name. Although licensure was always important, I have found my larger interest lies in my relationships with clients and coworkers. They keep the job fun and challenging. By achieving licensure, it ensures I will continue to grow these relationships and hone my skills as an architect, long into my career.

It’s awesome to think professionally about those contributing to this milestone, but let’s be honest — there’s no bigger motivator than a wife holding her husband accountable. For that, I put her at the head of the table.”