Sports & Recreation

Grundy Center Community School District Gymnasium

Grundy Center, IA

Wanting to expand their capacity for recreational activities, Grundy Center Community School District chose to collaborate with INVISION to create an addition to the existing high school. The district wanted a secondary gymnasium to assist with scheduling for practices and competitions, as well as for expanded recreation opportunities, including the ability to host sports tournaments and other community functions.

The new gymnasium was located near the existing school’s locker rooms and gymnasiums, acting as a bridge to the track and football field and creating a hub for the school’s recreation. The facility adds a competition volleyball and basketball court, two practice courts, a multi-sport net (baseball, softball, golf), as well as retractable seating for 343 spectators. A new open plaza area outdoors accommodates sporting event tailgates.

Precast insulated panels were utilized to fit within the budget and facilitate winter construction, a necessity for the district’s schedule. Translucent glazing allows natural light into the multi-functional space, while acoustic decking and wall panels enable better sound performance. INVISION considered the needs of the multiple coaches and staff and then blended them all into a design that serves the entire community.

Jeff Oltmann
Project Coordinator

Blending the needs and vision of everyone involved while addressing site and existing building constraints was an interesting challenge. Through the process, a clear solution was developed that was able to solve several immediate needs, minimize the impact of construction and provide a flexible space to serve the needs of the school and community. 

Other Team Members