Health & Wellness

MercyOne Richard L. Deming Cancer Center

Des Moines, IA

MercyOne Central Iowa and Richard L. Deming, M.D. were looking to elevate one of the most respected cancer treatment teams in the state while continuing to live out the health care system’s mission of helping people and communities live their best life,” by opening the MercyOne Richard L. Deming Cancer Center. The remodeled space, located at the Des Moines Medical Center campus, realizes the vision to create a center of excellence that encompasses comprehensive, multidisciplinary and patient-centered compassionate cancer care for Iowans.

The new center serves as a complete and personalized care facility where patients navigate the treatment process with a dedicated care team, all under one roof. Emphasis was placed on flexibility of space and centralization of staff during design of the floor to promote collaboration. Exam rooms, consultation spaces and offices are located around a central staff work area to increase patient-caregiver connections and provide views to the outdoors through windows terminating the hallways. The center also features non-traditional, expanded cancer care, survivorship and outpatient palliative care support services. Opposite the clinic environment is a multipurpose conference space that will be utilized as a conference and research space that will focus on physician collaboration on the latest cancer treatments and case studies. This area will also serve as a space for integrative medicine services such as music and art as therapy.

A low impact, cost effective solution was needed to provide the building with a new identity as a cancer center, while keeping the existing façade. The building was given a new entrance canopy with illuminated glass panels and building uplighting to highlight cancer awareness months and holidays. Building finishes were thoughtfully selected to promote patient-centered care. Undulating natural wood walls provide consistent wayfinding for patients at various points along their cancer journey. Utilization of earth tones and elements of blue-green glass provide a calming environment and sense of tranquility. Patient care areas were given access to natural daylight and connection to nature. Comfort for the patient and proximity to both their care team and support team were top of mind during creation of the floor plan and procurement of the interior.

From the moment we began working with Dr. Deming and the MercyOne Central Iowa team, it was clear the client had carefully thought through the why” of the cancer center and had established strong priorities for the project. It was our responsibility to take his passion for comprehensive, patient-centered care and create a space at the forefront of healthcare design. While our team worked on the day-to-day operations, Richard Deming’s mission to promote a ministry of healing while taking care of patients and their families,” remained the ultimate goal throughout the design process. We combined our in-depth knowledge of patient-focused care clinics with Dr. Deming’s vision to create a state-of-the-art facility that will be realized every time a patient walks through the door.