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OneNeck Data Center

Denver, CO

The client’s goal for the OneNeck Data Center was to design the data center of the future” with modern architecture and a contemporary finish palette. As a flagship project, the state of the art facility in Denver was built with innovative functionality and security solutions to provide a template for future facilities. INVISION worked with the owner to design a facility without site-specific constraints, allowing replication of the design as needed for future projects.

The data center contains two 4,000 sf data rooms for mission-critical servers. Other spaces within the building provide redundant mechanical, electrical, and telecom services for these data rooms, which improves reliability for clients. Separating all access work spaces, storage, and loading dock from critical spaces such as the data rooms allowed for increased security.

Areas around the perimeter of the building double as functional storage and added security, creating a buffer between the data rooms and exterior walls. The site allows for expansion and the building was designed to accommodate multiple additions. The long-term plan includes the possibility of the data center expanding up to five times its current size.

Bart Etheredge
Project Coordinator

We were involved in spatial layout and planning early in the process. The goal was to design a facility without site-specific constraints in an ideal situation, so the client could then take that design and replicate it as needed. We designed and discussed several layout options and landed on something that offered a higher level of security and added functionality. Neatly exposed mechanical and electrical components, as well as easy access to the penthouse mechanical system, put the inner-workings of the site on display for impressive tours. The isolated storage, work spaces and loading dock increased security and functionality by reducing the time physically spent in critical spaces. Area around the perimeter of the building doubles as functional storage and added security with a buffer between exterior and data room walls.

Other Team Members