Advanced Systems found they needed to expand their operations by at least two times their current size. In researching options, they found purchasing and renovating an existing, metal building, warehouse would offer them the best results. Additionally, they hoped to impress customers with a strong street presence, generous spaces for sales and display, improvement of employee amenities and the combination of office and warehouse operations into one building.

While turning an engineered metal building into a modern office building presented a structural challenge due to no additional load options on the existing roof, INVISION determined a building within a building to be the solution. This offered the opportunity to meet many of the client’s needs. Additionally, the exterior created a strong branding presence by providing colorful façade panels featuring the company’s logo.

Kindra Christensen
Interior Designer

Our client was dedicate to exiting their existing beige, lackluster office with siloed departments and create something new. INVISION was excited for the opportunity to team up with Advanced Systems as we worked together to transform an old warehouse into a completely different space that provided a new light-filled, energetic work environment. 

Other Team Members