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505 East Grand
Des Moines, IA

Iconic Des Moines snark purveyor RAYGUN partnered with Christensen Development to be the anchor tenant in a new commercial space in Des Moines’ East Village. INVISION created a new building in the historic district, with room for additional tenants, including Thelma’s Cookies and Mars Café.

Additional Shirts Sold in New Facility
Increase in Cool Factor
Average Weight Gain
7lbs from Cookies, 4 from Ice Cream
Dan Schwers

Integrated design distinctively draws people in.

Amidst many historic brick structures, this new building was designed to work in that context while giving a modern feel to the retail space. Exterior materials include glass, metal panels and hardi-board, while the structural system comprises precast concrete with steel columns at the first level, and wood framing on all other levels.

Other team members: Laura Peterson, Mike Bechtel, and Mark Nevenhoven

In 2005, a buddy and I built out a 1,300 square foot interior. Ten years later, we thought about building an entire building ourselves. But being your own architect for an 18,000 square foot commercial building is frowned upon by city officials, and more difficult than you’d think. So INVISION designed it, and it’s still standing!
- Mike Draper Founder and Owner of RAYGUN
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