Health & Wellness

Buchanan County Health Center

Independence, IA

Buchanan County Health Center (BCHC) wanted to develop more private inpatient rooms, identify a location for a new primary care outpatient clinic with improved accessibility, and give the hospital a stronger identity within the community. Following the completion of a master plan with BCHC, INVISION designed a new two-story outpatient clinic addition and interior renovation to meet their needs.

To achieve BCHC’s goal of creating a campus setting with a strong identity, the design created a new main entry and public concourse, from which all patient services are accessed. The addition is oriented to maximize views and also utilizes natural daylighting strategies. The renovation work included two new surgical procedure rooms and support areas and a complete reconfiguration of the pre- and post-op areas, which made the department more flexible. Also, renovation and expansion to the existing dining room now allows for service to the entire community. In both the addition and renovation, the focus was always on improving the patient experience, serving the local community, and emphasizing wellness in every aspect of the design.

Jason DeVries
Project Design Architect

The team developed planning that relies less on signage and more on architectural visual cues to identify routes and pathways for patients, staff, and guests. The color and materials used for the exterior design — Ipé cladding, zinc panels and glass — as well as the warm neutral colors found within the neighboring landscape, are all drawn into the interior to offer an enticing natural setting for patients and guests. As a whole, the design emanates light and serves as a beacon for the hospital and the community.

Other Team Members