Business & Industry

Lincoln Savings Bank

Waterloo, IA

Lincoln Savings Bank’s (LSB) significant growth over the past few years made it necessary to find a space that would accommodate them well into the future. With the desire to remain centrally located in Waterloo, they reached out to INVISION to assist with an existing building review and site selection.

INVISION completed a feasibility study of the top three floors of the historic John Deere Tractor Company R Building at TechWorks to meet the needs of combining multiple buildings into one location. In addition to reviewing the structure of the facility, INVISION walked through the current corporate office to learn about LSB and the needs for the new facility. This included an interactive Discovery session workshop with the steering committee. 

The study provided comprehensive solutions to transform the manufacturing building into a vibrant, safe and modern office environment to accommodate LSB’s current and future needs. The full interior renovation included a combination of private offices and open work stations designed to embrace the historic elements of the building. By embracing these character-defining features through design, INVISION was able to assist LSB with obtaining historic tax credits. A variety of shared support spaces throughout the areas provide the needed areas to support a modern business environment. 

Kindra Christensen
Interior Designer

The vision LSB and INVISION had for an empty building built in 1928 was the same. Both wanted to create a progressive work environment that celebrated the history of what had been a John Deere factory. Our client was running out of space in their existing facilities so bringing various groups together in a centralized location was a priority. It was fun to meet with the various departments to determine how they would use the variety of spaces. The owner’s desire to create a modern design to support the integrity of a historic building allowed the design team a unique opportunity to transform the space and allow LSB to enhance recruitment, retention and company culture for years to come.