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Amy Wienands Real Estate Office
Waterloo, IA

The simple and sophisticated design for this new office building creates highly-branded space for Amy Wienands Real Estate, along with space for five tenants. The non-traditional, mixed-material exterior features a sloping roof line and large vertical separations of glass, creating distinction and natural light qualities.

Height of metal curtain
Two stories
Tenant spaces
Number of fireplaces
 Interior Designer
Angie Nees

Modern Design Embraces Corporate Brand and Thoughtful Amenities

The client wanted nothing traditionally found in the industry, in design or amenities, for the real estate office that served as the anchor space of the building. The team created a unique space that caters to the client’s distinct vision and focus on giving employees and visitors a positive and inspiring environment. The two-story entrance and use of glass immediately create an open and grandeur feeling. A variety of spaces create opportunities for collaboration, privacy, quiet working and recreation. The large deck, fireplaces, full kitchen and children’s area offer unique amenities designed with staff and clients in mind.

Other team members: Kate Payne, Tim Turnis, Mark Schmidt and Eric Ritland

Our entire team loved meeting with INVISION. We are loving our experience and you have a great team of people there. Thanks for making it fun!
- Amy Wienands Owner
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