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Cedar Falls Veterans Park
Cedar Falls, IA

This volunteer project celebrates what a community can do when people come together for a great cause. The expansion of the park creates new communal space with a shelter, seating and tables.

Stone seating benches
Number of volunteers
Park’s original establishment
Roland Ganter

Giving back and celebrating community, here in our hometown

It was an honor to be a part of revitalizing this park and expanding what it offers the community. We recognized the stakeholders' need to create something unique and attractive that departed from the standard park shelter. The glue-laminated timber structure with a planar roof and trellis-like overhang were designed to open into the circular memorial garden where stone seating gives the park functional and aesthetic appeal. A true collaboration between the contractor, design team, generous individuals and companies in the area, and the City itself, created this memorial and community amenity that many will appreciate for years to come.

Other team members: Brad Leeper

The best aspect was having a design professional take a fresh look at the area and provide a more striking impression.
- Mark Ripplinger Director of Municipal Operations and Programs, City of Cedar Falls
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