Civic & Community

Warren Cultural Center

Greenfield, IA

The Warren Opera House went from being the center of Greenfield public life in the 1890s to a disused relic by the 1980s. After the building was gifted to Main Street Greenfield, it spurred the foundation of the E.E. Warren Opera House Association (EEWOHA), a volunteer-led non-profit organization with a vision of restoring the building to its former glory. INVISION worked with EEWOHA, leading them through the state and federal tax credit process and many grant applications, as well as helping them develop a more comprehensive plan for the Opera House’s restoration and redevelopment. 

EEWOHA secured $3.3 million through grants and tax credits, along with fundraising an additional $1.2 million in donations over just six months. To give back to the community helping fund the project, the owner and design team were committed to utilizing local contractors, specialists, and artisans wherever possible. For the Warren Cultural Center to thrive, the team determined that a meticulous technical restoration of the historic fabric plus the small and sensitive, yet vital, addition of management offices, catering spaces, leasable offices, and a flexible community center would truly restore not just the building, but its significance and function within Greenfield.

Laura Peterson
Project Architect

Under a tight timeline, in part to meet the requirements of available grant funding, we worked with the owner and users to understand how this space could be redefined as part of the downtown community’s revitalization efforts and meet the standards for Historic Preservation.

Other Team Members