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Cedar Valley SportsPlex
Waterloo, IA

This all-inclusive recreational facility was designed for both children and adults in the Cedar Valley community. The project is sited on two, highly visible city blocks and features a turf fieldhouse for soccer and baseball, a two-court gymnasium and a leisure pool. Sustainable elements are incorporated in the design, working to exceed code requirements by 30 percent.

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Gallons of water in the pool
Building Length
Indoor Turf
28,980 sq.ft.
Partner in Charge
Mike Broshar

Playing with scale.

The INVISION team engaged the use of scale to relate to a pedestrian city street and an urban highway, placing large-volume spaces, such as soccer fields and basketball courts, near the busy interstate while smaller scale spaces interact with patrons at the entry. This enables a sense of flow in the building between bigger fields/courts and other programmatic spaces including an elevated four-lane running track, weight and cardio workout area, fitness studio, golf practice area, child care, kid’s gym and departmental offices.

Other team members: Brett Van Zee, Jason DeVries, Mark Schmidt, Roland Ganter and Dan Schwers

The design responds to iconic characteristics associated with the interstate highway on one side, such as horizontality and speed, while visually reducing the scale of the building to properly interface with the urban, downtown area on the other side.
- Roland Ganter Designer
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