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Drake University Shivers Basketball Practice Facility
Des Moines, IA

The first project from previous master planning efforts, this 38,000-square-foot facility houses two collegiate-size practice courts, practice and game-day locker rooms, team spaces and a hospitality suite. The simple, box form of the courts is peeled away to allow natural daylighting into the facility and to draw patrons to the new south entry and hospitality space.

Sq. ft. of Court
Basketball Hoops
Laura Peterson

Our parallel project management process allow for a quick, nine month design.

In this process, individuals focused on elements of the design and regularly shared and requested information, so one stage didn’t have to wait on a previous one to finish before moving ahead. We were able to partner closely with the University to make decisions quickly and offer ideas and alternatives that enabled them to get the most possible out of this new space, supporting not only basketball programs but the recruiting and functioning of the University overall.

Other team members: Kerry Weig, Mark Schmidt and Mark Nevenhoven

Their plan and style fit us, our culture and our brand so well and I believe it was only possible because they listened very carefully... We gave them the creative license to make this facility a success.
- Mike Cigelman Associate Director of Facilities
How we approach our projects
Our Process