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Hoover Middle School
Waterloo, Iowa

This phase of a master plan addressed issues of a school with more students than originally planned. The project relocated the kitchen and cafeteria allowing the newly designed Commons Addition to be a light-filled, multi-purpose space for eating, teaching and community events. INVISION worked with Waterloo Community School District and Hoover Middle School to relocate the front entrance and  redefine traffic flow providing a safer environment and secure building access. A separate stair addition alleviates corridor conflicts and accomodates plans for a future classroom addition.

Distance the front door moved
231 feet
Number of students
Square feet of metallic blue countertop
128 square feet
Construction Administrator
Cody Mills

Careful coordination of multi-phase construction during occupancy

During both design and construction, we made strategic decisions to accommodate the project schedule requiring construction during the school year. With a three-phase approach, we first constructed the new kitchen and commons, followed by the office and classroom renovations, and then the new stair tower. During the entire time, we worked with the construction team to limit disruption, maintain egress and manage site access for drop-off and pick-up sequences.

Amidst this careful coordination, it was fun to see the atypical materials that I’d detailed in drafting come together. A unique rain screen became the focal point of the new entrance and stair tower, a metallic blue countertop created a striking accent in the commons, and cork and writable surfaces gave the commons a variety of purposes. In the end, we significantly improved the student and community experience with Hoover Middle School.

Other team members: Julie Etheredge, Mark Schmidt, Kate Payne and Brad Leeper

The significance of this design is that it turned the front of the building and connected it to the way the site is used. The front door became clear.
- Kate Payne Architect
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