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Kinship Brewing Company
Waukee, IA

As the first new, ground-up brewery in the metro area, Kinship Brewing Company will offer a village atmosphere. With a focus on offering visitors a sense of place experience, the buildings, pedestrian and bicycle connections, vehicle and bicycle parking areas, and open spaces such as outdoor areas, stage, and the dog park were arranged to give the six-acre site a village-like feel.

Dog Park
1/2 Acre
Production & Tap Room
13,000 SF
Unique Exterior
Shou Sugi Ban Accoya Wood
Project Architect
Mike Bechtel

The Kinship Brewing Company Village building is of high-quality contemporary design focused on the creation of a light-industrial manufacturing aesthetic that is appropriate in scale for the area. The buildings will share a common aesthetic to create a consistent architectural language throughout the site. The building design also focused on sustainability. The exterior of the building offers a natural finish of Shou Sugi Ban Accoya Wood which offers a natural finish that is fire and insect resistant.

TEAM MEMBERSĀ Mike Bechtel, Laura Peterson

The thought leadership you provide is why I chose to move forward with your team. I truly feel like we are going to create something special."
- Zach Dobeck Co-Owner
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